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Our client requested a Zen room with a serene atmosphere, complete with a guided meditation. This environment provided room for concentration and focus, improving productivity for attendees. The concept of well being is a holistic system that strives to establish harmony between our body, mind and spirit. In this newsletter we will focus on how wellbeing has become prominent in the events world, educating everyone on the importance of taking care of yourself, inside and out. 🙏 Namaste.

"The quieter you become the more you can hear.” – Ram Dass



This year, Central Florida residents have been hit extra hard since most rely on tourism and travel-related jobs, many of which ended during the pandemic.

Instead of sending client Christmas gifts, we donated our Christmas gift budget to One Heart for Women and Children. What we normally spend on each gift was enough to provide Christmas for a child or teenager who would not have received anything this year.

We spent last Thursday at One Heart for Women and Children's Orlando warehouse, wrapping over 200 gifts and creating Christmas stockings to give to the adults living in our local women and children shelters.

One Heart is a local, home-grown, non-profit organization who has supported residents of Central Florida for the last 15 years. 2020 has been particularly hard for One Heart, as the need is so great.



In this issue, instead of sharing new event spaces, we are focusing on team building events that can be done no matter where in the world you are. (Cue Carmen Sandiego) Just because your group is not together in person, doesn't mean that they can't work together remotely.

Take Note

In order to avoid Zoom fatigue, encourage your virtual meeting attendees to take a quick break and complete a series of short challenges on their own devices. Use our standard game or customize the challenges around a theme of your choosing. Players simply tap on each of the 6 post-it notes to open a challenge.

For instance, for the “motivate” task, players record a 15 second video to share what motivates them with their colleagues. For the “inspire” task, players display their favorite inspirational quote in a creative way. And, when they tap on “energize” they take a photo that illustrates how they stay physically or mentally fit. The results are shared with the group in a presentation afterwards, so all can take note of and be inspired by the interesting things shared by their colleagues!

Typically a 15-30 minute stand-alone activity or challenges released at set times throughout the course of the day

Available for any size group, played as individuals.



  • On December 31, celebrate New Years Eve at SeaWorld Orlando. Vibrant fireworks will fill the night sky and festive entertainment will take place throughout the park.

  • Winter Wonderland of Lights, in Jacksonville includes a display of thousands of lights, music, an elf magician, games, a crafts corner, treats, face painting and snow. Proceeds to renovate The Old Spanish Trail building so it can be reopened to the public.

  • Enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences in both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Nobody wraps up the Holidays into a mind-blowing, mischief-making, action-packed adventure like Universal Orlando Resort now through January 3.



With virtual galas and meetings on the rise, one of the fun event enhancements offered by e2 is a gift basket for each virtual attendee. Whether you are hosting a more upscale gala, (and you would like all attendees to receive wine glasses with your company or conference logo and a yummy dessert), or you are hosting a virtual team building event and would like all attendees to receive snacks and clues, we have you covered!

We can curate custom baskets for you and ship them to all attendees to arrive prior to your virtual event. Contact us and we can share more details.

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