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living in a virtual dmc world

The e2 team was thrilled to wrap up one of our favorite virtual events! We were honored to help the Ronald McDonald House Charities raise more than $200,000.00 with their virtual fundraising gala!

We brought in a very talented emcee, a flair bartender (who taught the viewers how to make 4 different drinks from ingredients they had at home) and Rock Demarco, the world's fastest speed painter.

Rock painted Lady Liberty which brought in money to help with the overall fundraising goal. Our entertainment was filmed at Mango's Tropical Cafe - Orlando, which leant a very rich-looking backdrop for the entire event.

We can’t wait for our next virtual event!

Stay at Home Sour

1.5oz Bourbon

.5 oz or Maple Syrup or Simple Syrup

.5oz Lemon Juice or 1/2 Lemon

Egg White

Add Ice, Shake vigorously and SMILE 😁

Pour in Glass and Garnish with Cherry 🍒


Since the inception of e2 in 2011, our team has grown with the addition of seasoned professionals that have helped catapult our company to the next level of success.

Our very own Senior Creative Services Coordinator, Emily Cole recently became C-Vent Certified, and was also just added to the Social Media Committee for the Orlando NACE Chapter!


What's the Scoop?

On July 5th, the 26 acre St. Pete Pier district opened, leaving visitors awestruck! There is something for everyone at this breathtaking venue.

Come to relax, soaking up the sun and breathing the salt air. There is ample space to run and bike for an adrenaline rush, and a number of restaurants for you to refuel. So whatever you are looking to do outdoors, St. Pete Pier has something for you!

E2's take: We are jazzed about this amazing new space in St Pete! It will lend itself so well to a walking tour which incorporates art, shopping and history; all with a great view. If you need a great

spouse tour or activity, give us a shout!

Halloween Happenings:

The Haunted Road: A Drive-Thru Halloween Experience


We would like to thank everyone who participated in last month's newsletter survey.

The winners were:

$100.00 Amazon gift card - Lesa T. $50.00 Target gift card - Bob D.

Dinner for 2 compliments of Ole Red - Maddy C.


Now Trending: Virtual Event Enhancements

Virtual Hit & Run Caricature Artist

This is not your classic caricature! Our Hit & Run Artists draw out of sight, in “stealth” mode. They “hide” in plain sight as part of your Zoom meeting. When each drawing is complete, the artist sends the finished artwork to the meeting organizer who can send them to the attendees. These can be printed or turned into a screensaver. The drawing is more of a figure sketch or cartoon sketch rather than a caricature.

Zoom Celebrity Appearance

When a celebrity "pops in" on your virtual event, it will have you looking like a superstar! That's right, celebrities are embracing virtual events like rockstars.

While they can be in hot demand, we have celebrities from all walks of life; giving your event the energy of an actual celebrity encounter!

Guests will be star struck when your celebrity surprises everyone with lively banter.

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